Restaurant in Albufeira. Specialties with fish that slept at sea! Grilled fish on charcoal.


​Restaurante Três Palmeiras Albufeira

The Restaurante Três Palmeiras opened its doors for the first time on February 2, 1987. Since then, it is well known for the quality of its products, our fish window display is our calling card and recently charcoal grills, our motto is "the fish that slept at sea".

We are a company that relies on the collaboration of a team of employees who have been "part" of the house for more than a decade, making the motto "the art of serving" an everyday constant.

Over the years, we have welcomed, both national and foreign clients, and most of them, given their loyalty, are already considered family. If you don't know us yet, here is our invitation for a visit ... we are at your disposal!


A Reference in the Algarve Gastronomy

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